Bee Keeper


A little bit about me

God is love.
That is the truth that I try to base my life on. There is so much inside that one incredible statement that I am constantly learning new ways in which it is true.

I grew up rural, then moved to a ‘big’ city for my first year of university – which also happens to be where I met my husband… little did we know at the time. Then we moved to an even bigger city, where I could pursue my interest in Sign Language.┬áSince graduating in 2009, I have been working as a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter. I couldn’t even begin to explain to you how much I love my job.

I love music (singing, playing, listening, writing), crafting (crocheting, decorating, making), and I’m slowly getting into this gardening thing too…

A year ago, hubby and I moved out of the ‘big smoke’, to a little 3 acre block where we intend to grow lots of fruit and veggies. It’s been a big adventure so far and I’m hoping our journey can be a blessing to you.

A little bit about my husband

Matthew Bloomfield. What can I say…?
This man had known we were going to get married since early on in our friendship. He didn’t let me get away – and I am so glad he didn’t.

Matthew is definitely Christ reflected in our home. I have known that he is remarkable, that he has a wonderful voice, that he’s good to have around to carry my things in his pockets… but seeing just how much God is able to work through him has been an amazing experience for me. To see God’s character, where I expect to see feeble man’s, is a wonder I will never grow tired of.

He works for “It Is Written”, which is a Christian televesion show and a Bible correspondence school. I love how he gets to see God changing people’s lives every day! So amazing!!

His passion is for God, film and nature (preferably a combination of them all), which is why it’s so fun when we combine my singing with his film. He has his own website (below), which I’m excited to share with you too.

And he has the BEST sense of humour. Seriously!
I love him.

It Is Written (Studies) It Is Written (TV) Matthew's Website