I am in absolute awe over the fact that my husband and I have been married for 5 years today.

It was a Friday 13th, and our bridal party was dressed in black and red (we had a little fun with the ‘superstitions’). It was Spring, cloudy, slightly windy, and we were in New Plymouth (New Zealand). We were married by two Pastors, we were surrounded by friends and family, and we had our reception at a local golf club. In the opening line of Matthew’s speech, he likened looking into my eyes with being able to see the miracle of Creation. He. Is. Amazing.

It’s so funny that, even after only 5 years, you can feel surprised by the people that weren’t at your wedding – people you have met since, who you couldn’t imagine life without, or people you were only just getting to know at the time. There have been many times when I have wished that some people were there with us, to share that special day… but really, I’m just grateful that they’re in our lives today.

We have had great role models around us – those who celebrate fewer years than us, and those who celebrate over half a century of married life. It is a blessing to see couples, who have been through different struggles in their own lives, come through and still be adding years onto their marriages. It’s so much fun to see couples who are so obviously still in love with one another, who have romantic moments and share jokes. It’s my plan to be one of those couples – one of those couples that God can use to encourage others.

As I write this now, I must tell you, it really is only through God’s unfailing love that we have made it to this 5 year mark. This year has been the toughest I have ever been through, thus, making it the most challenging (/strengthening(?)) for us as husband and wife. I truly don’t think I could ever overstate that. We have appreciated the prayers that have been lifted on our behalf. We appreciate those of you who have prayed for us without even knowing what for, or why. We have appreciated the time you have made for us and the space you have given us. We appreciate the listening ears that you have lent. You have each, possibly without knowing, contributed to our fifth year of marriage.

In this past year, I have learned just how much Christ (His teachings and His love) has impacted my husband. In him, I have seen the traits of character that I have always read about in the Bible. He has been an actual Christian. He has shown peace when I have shown him (misplaced) anger, he has shown gentleness when I have been critical, he has shown love when I have felt unlovable, he has shown comfort when I have been inconsolable, he has shown understanding when I have felt misunderstood, he has been my friend when I have felt completely alone. He has been dealing with all of this too, and yet he has still been all of these things to me. Through his life, he has shown me that the Bible is not just some words someone made up in order to control our lives, manipulate us, or judge us. Through his … wow, I can’t even think of the right word… through his… complete and utter care and love for me, he has shown me a glimpse of how much Jesus loves me. If this man, my husband, can show me this much love in the hardest time of my life, how much more does Jesus love and care for me!

Only because God is gracious, merciful, patient and forgiving, am I then able to see the same traits in my husband.

It is a true blessing to be celebrating 5 years of marriage today.
I hope you are all able to celebrate this with us.

So today, I celebrate my husband – for the Christ-centered, loving man that he is.
Thank you for making sure we got this far, Matthew. I can never repay the love you have shown me.
Happy 5 Year Anniversary!!

Me and You

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